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Trying to find a home on your own can be time consuming. Working with a Realtor will make your search more efficient and less stressfull. I will work closely and patiently with you to find the home of your dreams.
As your Agent, I will:

  • be your advocate and represent you in all phases of the transaction
  • search for homes that meet your criteria.
  • help you determine how much house you can afford.
  • protect your interests.
  • show you all the homes that meet your criteria.
  • negotiate the best possible price with the seller.
  • recommend a list of lenders, home inspectors, insurance agents and other professionals needed for your purchase.

Together, we will follow the following steps to buying your new home:

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Getting pre-approved

Pre-approval means that your income, assests, and credit have been reviewed to the satisfaction of the lender. A loan will be issued, subject to satisfactory appraisal of the property. Providing a pre-approval letter with your offer to purchase a house increases the credibility of your offer in the eyes of the sellers who often have several offers to consider. I will provide you with a list of recommended lenders. Be practical when getting pre-approved. Make sure that you will be comfortable with your monthly payments.

When you talk to the Lender, have the following information available:
  • Social Security Number
  • Minimum monthly credit card payments
  • Monthly payment for car loan
  • Bank statements
  • Stock/bonds and mutual fund account statements
  • 401(K) statement
  • Amount you owe on your current home

Looking for a home

Before you start looking for a new home, identify your needs and preferences

At a minimun you should identify:
  • Number of bedrooms needed
  • Number of baths needed
  • Desirable neighborhoods
  • Style of home ( Single family,Townhome,Condominum, etc ...)
I will diligently search for homes based on your criteria!

Making an offer

Once you find the home you desire, I will research all recent home sales in the area to determine the fair market value of the house. We will use this information to develop a competitive offer without overpaying for the house.

Conducting a home/termite inspection

Purchasing a house is one of the most important purchases in ones life. It is important to know what you are getting. I can't stress enough the importance of having a thorough home and termite inspection by a qualified professional. I will provide you with a list of recommended home and termite inspectors. Once the inpsections are complete the terms of your contract can usally be renegotiated.

Final Walkthrough

The final walkthrough is generally conducted 24 - 48 hours before closing.
The purpose of the final walkthrough is to verify:

  • that all items you have contracted to buy are still in the home( stove, refrigerator, etc...)
  • all debris have been removed from the home and the home is clean
  • all repairs have been completed.


Closing is the final transfer of the property from the sellers to the buyers. You should bring the following information to closing:

  • Identification
  • Home Owner Insurance Policy( secure home owners insurance one or two weeks before closing)
  • Certified funds for closing