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Selling a home can be confusing. It is important to have a real-estate professional helping your through the process.
As your agent, I will:

  • be your advocate and represent you in all phases of the transaction.
  • sell your home quickly for the best price.
  • help you determine the fair market value of your home.
  • create MAXIMUM advertising exposure for your property using newspaper ads, corporate web site(, fliers, postcards, and Multiple Listing Service.
  • qualify prospective buyers before showing them your house.
  • negotiate contract with potential buyer
  • provide you with the customer service for which Long and Foster is famous.

Together, we will follow these critical steps to selling your home:

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Pricing your home

It is important to price your home at market value. Buyers select homes by comparison shopping. A house that is overpriced will discourage buyers and stay on the market longer. A house this is underpriced will decrease the net profit for the seller and may give buyers the impression that there is a problem with the house.
I will do a comparative market analysis on your home. This market analysis will show you how much comparable properties in your neighborhood have sold and for how much your competition is currently selling. This information will be used to determine the market value of your home.

Preparing your home for sale

Today, the home that stands out among similarly priced houses is the home that sells first. You can improve the marketability of your home by doing the following:

  • Improving the "curb appeal" or exterior of the house by trimming the lawn, removing clutter from the yard, and keeping walks and steps free of snow and ice.
  • For the interior of the house, paint in neutral colors and remove clutter to give a spacious appearance.

Marketing your property

As mention before, I market your home property with newspaper ads, corporate web site(, fliers, postcards, and Multiple Listing Service.

Analyzing and accepting an offer

Sellers are generally presented with multiple offers. You must choose the best offer for your particular situation. It is important to note that the offer that yields the highest net profit is not always the best offer. Generally, the best offer is the offer that has the highest probability of closing and yields the best possible net profit. The best offer can be determined by analyzing the following factors:

  • Financing of the buyer
  • Number and types of contingencies.
  • Net profit to the seller
  • Time needed to settle.
I will help you choose the best offer by weighing all the important factors to your situation.

Tracking buyer's progress

The sales contract specifies that certain tasks must be completed in a specified amount of time. For example, a loan commitment letter must be received from the lender on a specified date. I will closely track the buyer to make sure they are completing their tasks as specified by the sales contract.


Closing is the final transfer of the property from the sellers to the buyers. You should bring the following information to closing:

  • Identification
  • Keys to the house